The power user mode enables you to access more features and settings of the In/Out device. In the current 2018-09-09 release, the following settings are available:

  • You can enable a filter on noise for the microphone.
  • You can chose different light settings (automatic, normal or intense) depending of your light environment. Read the Troublehsooting on-court page for more information.
  • Smart Detection (default: yes): the device uses a smart ML system to detect balls. If everything is OK, leave yes.
  • Threshold Auto (default: no): If yes, the threshold of the ball detection is calculated automatically. If you have some problems of balls not detected, try yes. If everything is OK, leave no.
  • Court Surface (default: normal): if you are playing on clay or hard-thru, try the clay mode.
  • You can read the temperature of the processor in ° Celsius. It's normal if this temperature becomes high (80°C to 100°C) as it measures the internal temperature of the processor - this is not the temperature of the device casing.

You can read more about power user mode here.

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