Learn about the In/Out hardware!

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Packaging content v1.x, v2.0, v3.0

Tip: Make sure to charge the battery before first use.

In/Out Device v1.x, v2.0, v3.0

The device has a power button on the right. After inserting a battery, press it to turn on the device.

Preferably, turn off the device by using the red icon in the top right of the screen. Or press the power button once.

Tip: If you press the power button for 4 seconds, the device will hard shut down.

The device has also the following items:

There is no USB port on the device itself. There is a USB port on the battery for charging only.

Comparison of hardware versions

There are five hardware versions of the Net Device:

Net Device Info
Shipping starting December 2023
Bottom is blue, no screen, phone holder.
Shipping starting February 2021
Bottom is green, third camera.
Shipping starting September 2019
Bottom is green.
Shipping starting March 2018
Bottom is blue (lenses are circled).
Shipping starting September 2017
Bottom is blue.

There are two hardware versions of the Line Device:

Line Device Info
V3.0 and V4.0
Shipping starting February 2021 and December 2024
Device is light blue.
Shipping starting September 2019
Device is white.

Smiley protector

Avoid removing the smiley protector. If you have removed the protector, you can put it back like shown in the following video:

Tennis Ball Enclosure

The tennis ball enclosure will protect your In/Out device. It's ideal for carrying your In/Out device in your tennis gear bag.

Buttons on the Net Device

There are two buttons on the device, one on each side. The right side button is the power button. It behaves like on any phone:

The left button is used only if you want to upgrade the firmware of the Net Device with a microSD card. Then, during boot, you need to press both buttons at the same time as explained here.

Battery Charging

Insert a micro USB cable to charge the battery. The red leg goes on. When the battery has finished charging, the red led goes off.

Battery Insertion and Removal

DON'T INSERT THE BATTERY UPSIDE DOWN!!! There is a printout on the white face of the battery stating that "this side is down". So you should see the blue face when inserting the battery.

Don't force under any circunstance!

Insert the battery in the device. Make sure the white side faces the bottom of the device. Make also sure that you insert the blue handle in the device. Push until you hear a click. The battery is then secure.

To remove the battery, push on the battery in the device. The spring/clip will release the battery and the battery will eject.

Important Tip: The spring/clip that retains the battery is at the front of the device. Use your middle finger to push on the front of the white device between the two cameras when removing the battery.

L-attachment and Band

Attach to the blue L-attachment, the side of the band that has only one hole.

Tip: Leave the band attached to the L-attachment in the ball enclosure.

Screw the device to the L-attachment. There is no reason to force. The device will continue to screw forever so that you can adjust the angle of the device on the net post.

To unscrew the device, you don't need to force but you need to snap and rotate the device in the counter-clokwise direction. See this video:

Important Tip: When installing on court, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to attach the L-Attachment without the device on the net post first, before screwing the device. See the page "On court".

Important Tip: When uninstalling from the net post, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to unstrap and detach the L-Attachment and the device together. Then unscrew the device as explained above. See the page "On court".

4 feet

The 4 feet are optional. They can be put to the L-attachment in rare situation where the net cord spool is outside of the net post as shown in the following picture: