In/Out supports Pickleball and works the same way as for tennis.

What do you need to buy?

Short answer: one Net Device in the store and one stand.

Long answer: In order to get line calling for Pickleball, you need to have at least one In/Out device behind one of the net posts as shown on the picture above. This is a little bit different from tennis where the Net Device is attached to the net post itself. For Pickleball, it needs to be 36 inches above the ground (at the height of the pickleball net) and 48 inches (4 feet) behind the side line.

If you are playing doubles, it's highly recommended to have two In/Out devices, one behind each net post. The experience is the same with one or two devices but having two devices ensures that there is no missing bounce when one player ends up in front of one of the Net devices.


Because of the size of the court, you need to hold the In/Out Net Device on a stand. The bottom of the In/Out device has a screw nut compatible with the Go-Pro accessories, 1/4''-20.

The "Smatree Q3" stand can work: it's affordable and availabe on eBay and Amazon:

Alternatively, you can build your own stand or buy another brand. You can get from In/Out a small adapter (which is actually used inside the In/Out cage) that could be useful to screw the device and let it rotate freely.


The In/Out device needs to be placed at the height of the pickleball net (36 inches above the ground) and 48 inches (=4 feet) behind the side line.

Tip: Remember that 12 inches = 1 foot = 30.48 centimeters = roughly one very big tennis shoe.

So, it should be like this:

Tip: Depending how stable is your stand, it can be a good idea to add a towel or something to hold firm the stand.


In/Out supports pickleball. Go to Settings and chose "Pickleball".

Go to Line Calling and find the pickleball court.

Note that the In/Out UI is available in 8 languages: English, Français, Español, Português, Deutsch, Italiano, 中文 and 日本語.

Recommended hardware configuration

For single, one Net Device is enough. For doubles, two Net Devices are recommended. If you want additional accuracy, you can use the Line Devices. They are compatible with Pickleball.

Current limitations

The current limitations are: