With the new firmware 2020-01-01, it's now possible to connect the In/Out device directly to the Internet and the In/Out cloud.

You first need to login in the cloud interface either on a PC/Mac http://player.inout.tennis or in the new 2020.01.01 Android app.

Then select "Connect In/Out" in the left menu. You will be able to enter your Wi-Fi SSID and password. A QR code will be generated. On the device, go to the new Wi-Fi screen from Settings->Advanced->Wi-Fi and press on "QR Code" in order to scan the QR Code.

If you have some trouble to generate the QR Code, you can also download the settings file "wifi.bin". Copy this file either on a micro SD card and insert it into the device, or plug a USB cable between your PC/Mac and the device and drop the file in the "Video" internal folder.

Please read this section for all information about Wi-Fi connection.

Known issue:

  • Wi-Fi ssid and password cannot contain non-ASCII characters (accent and other similar character).

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